Ni bomba hampir-hampir maut time bertugas, kalau dia nda kebetulan melangkah lari dari situ, konfom sudah maut.. Gini lah orang cakap ajal belum sampai...

Without warning the front of the house suddenly peels off sending heavy bricks and debris raining down on him
Kamu tingu tu bata-bata baru mo jatuh.

At the same moment the quick-thinking officer quickens his pace and nonchalantly side-steps certain tragedy
Ngam-ngam time ni dia melangkah.

He looks back to see the debris that narrowly missed him - then carries on with his job
Hancur tu bata....sikit kena tu bomba!

The CCTV footage has been released by Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service for training purposes, to ensure crew are aware of the dangers