Setinggan untuk Anjing.

Inilah bentuk rumah setinggan yang kena buat oleh persatuan amal, untuk kasi lindung anjing-anjing liar dan terbiar di Brazil, Setiap anjing ada satu rumah, dan setiap hari kena kasi makan hasil dari sumbangan orang ramai dan pihak kerajaan.. Untung kan ni anjing?  Lagi bagus macam ni, daripada kena tembak jak oleh DBKK macam di sini kan?

Gone to the dogs: Hundreds of kennels cater to 1,600 stray dogs of Caxias do Sul, southern Brazil

Helping hounds: The kennels have been erected so that stray dogs are not simply killed by authorities

A dog's life: The hounds are kept and fed there by a charity because nobody else wants them

Ruff justice: The animals' lives mirror those of millions of poor Brazilians living in shacks known as favelas

Not quite Barking: The Simple kennels have very little space between them

Dog on a hot tin roof: A hound perches on top of his kennel to join a chorus of barking

Inspiration: Corcovado, one of Brazil's many 'favelas', in the shadow of Sugar Loaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro

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