Stress? Join lah kelab pemusnah barang!

Pernah kah kamu rasa mo kasi hancur barang bila stress & marah sama orang lain? 

The Destruction Company, khas untuk orang kaya-kaya yang mau kasi hilang stress. Kamu buli pilih apa-apa senjata yang kamu mau, Samurai kah, Kapak kah, kayu golf, kayu baseball... semua ada, dan macam-macam kamu boleh kasi hancur, piano, gitar, TV, meja kaca, cikui...etc. Tapi! Ada yuran dia lah, bayaran dia ikut barang yang kamu kasi hancur... pasal itu lah saya cakap untuk orang kaya-kaya!

Bad day at work? Why not go smash a giant vase in Hoboken? The Destruction Company allows clients to smash anything they want with any weapon they want - for a price

They say preparing food can be relaxing... especially when you are hacking a watermelon with a samurai sword (and you don't have to clean up the mess)
If you've ever fancied taking a golf club to a major appliance and pretending it was your ex-boyfriend - or boss - now is your chance

And of course if you feel the urge to go on an axe rampage, a piano lends itself perfectly (so long as you're willing to pay to bring it in)
Interestingly, even writing the captions about wielding a guitar or a baseball bat as a weapon makes one feel grimly satisfied - so you can imagine the power of the real thing

What takes your fancy? The club's 'menu'
The Destruction Company
The Destruction Company
Look how good we feel! The benefits of smashing what appears to be a giant television to bits are obvious

All that remains: The key to happiness, apparently, is letting loose of your inner rage
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