Perubahan bendera North Borneo/Sabah dari tahun 1881 sehingga sekarang.

In between the 1963 flag and the 1988 (current) flag another flag was used, adopted 1 January 1982. It was a completely different design: blue over white with a red triangle on the hoist. It looked very much like the flag used by Sarawak (the other Malaysian state on Borneo) until 31 August 1988, which was red over white with a blue triangle on the hoist.

The state flag of Sabah (1982–1988) was created in 1981 under the administration of BERJAYA (Sabah People's United Front Party) from 1976 until 1985.

This flag is almost similar to the flag of the Philippines and the flag of the Czech Republic.

1982-1988 : This FLAG has nothing to do with Philippines government on Sabah, as it just copied/adopt from others, same as other country which has the same pattern on their flag . E.g Australia, Britain, etc.

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